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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 10:29:41 +1000
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I use a MacbookPro 15" with 4GB RAM, dual-core CPU (half a year old). I can run a database natively in MacOS as well as two VMs using VMWare Fusion (debian & Windows7) and run db's with some performance in those as well. More than 2 VMs does not really work for me... All VMs are located on the internal (500G) disk.

I also found that the VMs should not have more than one CPU allocated, or performance goes up the creek. Especially when the guest OS is Windows. I remember seeing an article on hypervisors and multiple-threaded cpu's that explained this, but can't find it anymore.

I expect that the performance would not necessarily improve much with more memory, but more cores in the CPU may make a difference.

Hope this helps,

Vishal Gupta wrote:
> Thanks for the responses so far.
> I can access my home desktop machine from anywhere in the world as
> well. As I have a fixed IP address. But trouble with that is when ur
> mobile broadband is not working due to weak signal at client site and
> you want to try out something fast, home desktop data centre is of no
> use. And many clients restrict the Internet ssh connectivity and
> remote desktop sites like (logmein, team viewer, rdp, ssh over
> Internet so no tunnelling possible etc)
> I think I get more value for money by having the machine at home. My
> home machines never shuts down, it's switched on all the time.
> Coming back to my original question, does anyone run lot of VMs on
> MacBook pro? Does it perform well enough?
> Regards,
> Vishal
> On 24 Nov 2010, at 18:08, Fernando José Andrade <
> <>> wrote:
>> I agree with Martin, for me the best mobile solution is a hosted
>> server and a thin light laptop ( a macbook air 13" better).
>> For testing elastic and on demand elastic cloud like amazon or ...

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