AW: Top 5 Timed Events - % Total Call Time does not add upto to 100%

From: Petr Novak <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 10:29:42 +0000
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please look down in report - all events are listed in next sections (Wait Events, Background Wait Events) . Top 5 includes also CPU, ist is only for the first glance. You should examine all significant events.

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Betreff: Top 5 Timed Events - % Total Call Time does not add upto to 100%

Hi All,
A bit of a conceptual question here - wondering if there is an answer to this based on the following: I've seen a number of awr reports where in the Top 5 Timed Events Section (10g) the column for % Total Call Time does not add up to 100%. So if I total the contribution of all 5 events I may get a a total of 60%. Now I wonder what where does that other 40% go to and if its of any significance?

  1. Is it possible that the remaining 40% is related to idle events (sql*net message from/to client) and therefore does not show up in this table?
  2. Could it be that the remaining 40% is distributed among various non idle events, that when summed up translate to the missing 40%, but that individually they do not factor into the top 5 list? Hence are not factors contributing towards the performance issue or not dominant enough events?
  3. The table only shows the top 5 - so it would not necessarily have to add up to 100 - it would just show the dominant events and there overall impact - most likely the missing remaining percentage (40% in this case) is of no consqeuence to performance

Appreciate any thoughts.Thanks

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