Re: [INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed.

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 06:42:35 -0800
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On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:56 PM, K R <> wrote:
> All
> I am hitting this error while trying to install 11gR2(   GI with
> install and configure Grid Infrastructure for standalone server option.
> [INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed.
> Looking at the netca trace file it complains about
> TNS-01189: The listener could not authenticate the user
> appreciate any suggestions

In addition to the following, make sure that netca is being run as a user that is a member of the dba group.

Running netca as the owner of the oracle install should work.

You neglected to include platform information and authentication scheme information, which could be relevant as OS authentication is slightly different between platforms and authentication schemes.

6:38-jkstill-0 > oerr tns 1189
01189, 00000, "The listener could not authenticate the user"
// *Cause: The user attempted to issue a privileged administrative command,
// could not be successfully authenticated by the listener using the local
// authentication mechanism. This may occur due to one of the following
// reasons:
// 1. The user is running a version of LSNRCTL that is lower than the
// of the listener.
// 2. The user is attempting to administer the listener from a remote node.
// 3. The listener could not obtain the system resources needed to perform
// authentication.
// 4. The local network connection between the listener and LSNRCTL was
// terminated unexpectedly during authentication message exchange, such
// if LSNRCTL program was suddenly aborted.
// 5. The communication between the listener and LSNRCTL is being
// by a malicious user.
// 6. The software that the user is running is not following the
// protocol, indicating a malicious user.
// *Action: Make sure that administrative commands are issued using the
// tool that is of a version equal or greater than the version of the
// and that the tool and the listener are running on the same node. You can
// issue the VERSION command to find out the version of the listener.
// If a malicious user is suspected, use the information provided in
// the listener log file to determine the source and nature of the requests.
// Enable listener tracing for more information. If the error persists,
// contact Oracle Support Services.

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