Re: Why is Oracle unaffordable?

From: Kellyn Pedersen <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 13:35:08 -0800 (PST)
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I've also had a couple managers threaten Oracle when they've gotten a bit out of 
hand with the licensing costs, (usually extra costs to mid-year license 
additions) and stated, "I have a DBA who can run this application just as well 
on SQL Server/MySQL, so if you want to test her out on that theory, please, 
continue to add to my license costs..."   I've actually been surprised a couple 
times how often Oracle chooses to turn a blind eye, stating that the company 
is compliant or work a secondary option instead of the "it's Larry's way or the 
highway..." :)
Kellyn Pedersen
Sr. Database Administrator

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Wow. I didn't mean to take this thread in another direction but speaking 
economics (which I will be the first to admit I have only a rudimentary 
understanding) if customers are willing to pay more for a product then, yes, the 
price will continue to go up.  Case in point, I just purchased Oracle Linux 
support today for $499, had I done this two weeks ago I would have only had to 
pay $449. But don't worry, I won't hold any of you responsible for driving the 
price up.

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 4:15 PM, William Muriithi 
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>On 2010-11-09, at 3:54 PM, Andy Klock wrote:
>> Fair point.  I have zero experience with Berkeley DB so I've stayed out of the 
>>fray. But I do have experience with Oracle's "embedded" license structure and 
>>depending on the application and how embedded the database actually is, Oracle 
>>offers up to an 80% discount on the price.  Not bad.
>> But, regarding the OP's original question "Why is Oracle unaffordable?" we must 
>>remember it is customers who drive the price up, not Oracle.
>Ah,  common Andy, customer driving up oracle price?  How did you arrive at that? 
> Not trying to be rude, but I disagree.  Software is not like oil which is 
>inelastic.  Oracle selling one copy to you does not diminish their stocks in any 
>way.  They have just arrived at that price purely by fiat after Larry decided he 
>just need  x percent of the market

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