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This is the problem with embedded licensing. It is not sure for a startup to tell how much volume we expect to sell. It is difficult until and unless the product hits the market. I saw the prices of Oracle TimeTen, Berkley and Lite products. These are not in my budget and they are charging upfront.


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Talk to Oracle about embedded software licenses, they have a team that only sells “App Specific or Embedded Licenses” to attach to your application. I have seen these type of licenses sell for 5% of list price. This also depends on the volume you anticipate to sell.  


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If you are a software developer looking to embed an RDBMS into your product you'll likely want to talk to them about an "Application Specific Full Use" license. It'll allow you to sell your app with an oracle backend. If the db won't be larger than 4gb and will run on a single cpu then Oracle Express will likely do.  


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Just wanted to know whether Standard Edition One is an enterprise or SMB software. Secondly, I want a license for 1 Windows server and 10 nodes. How would the below mentioned product fit into it?



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> Just as quick addition to the licensing cost for small

> If you look at the cost for a standard edition one edition with named user
licenses, then you see you would pay less then € 900 for 5 named users (the minimum number of NUP licenses). I don't think this is expensive for enterprise software.


> Of course, when you want a 5 node cluster replicating to another 5 node
cluster, the cost is a little bit higher.

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