RE: DVD downloads from Edelivery fails at random points

From: Dunbar, Norman (Capgemini) <"Dunbar,>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 08:00:09 -0000
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Morning Rich,

>> I've been trying to download the 3.3GB OEL5 DVD from
>> Edelivery all weekend,

I wouldn't bother if I was you! :-(

>> I ended up grabbing the *SIX* CDs (groan), each of which
>> downloaded as expected

You had better luck than me then!

>> Anyone else able to download large files from Edelivery?
Not for a long time I'm afraid. I've reported it but nothing has improved. I've completely failed to download:

  • OEL 5 on DVD
  • Oracle VM plus utilities/extras/whatevers.
  • 11.2 base release.
  • 11.2 patch release.

Everything failed miserable in exactly the same way you described. In the end, I ordered them all from Oracle on DVD and they arrived - wrongly! They sent me OEL 32 bit rather than 64 bit. However, credit where it's due, a replacement was with me the very next day.

I've never received the Oracle VM though - that never arrived, I got hold of VirtualBox instead and it works beautifully.


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