Re: delete obsolete for archivelogs

From: Ravi Madabhushanam <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 07:21:37 +0530
Message-ID: <>

I think below command should explain why the "DELETE NOPROMPT ARCHIVELOG ALL BACKED UP 2 TIMES TO DEVICE TYPE DISK" is not deleting the archive logs. By default backup archivelog all command will not backup any archive log for the second time.

  as compressed backupset
  archivelog all channel ch2;

You are most likely to get a message "skipping archive log file /prod01/arch/arch_123456.log; already backed up 1 time(s)" Are you observing any messages like above in the backup log file.

However this still does not explain why the delete obsolete fail. Once the database is backed up twice, all archive logs older that oldest backup are obsolete.

HTH. ~Ravi.M
On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 1:15 AM, Jay Hostetter <>wrote:

> A backup occurs each night. The relevant part of the script is below.
> Report obsolete does not list my archivelogs, even after crosschecking
> backups and archivelogs.
> I've logged an SR.
> Thank you,
> Jay
> allocate channel ch1 type disk format
> 'H:\Oracle_Backups\%d\full_s%s_p%p_t%t.bck';
> backup
> as compressed backupset
> check logical database
> filesperset 4
> tag='daily_full_backup';
> allocate channel ch2 type disk format
> 'H:\Oracle_Backups\%d\arc_s%s_p%p_t%t.bck';
> #
> backup
> as compressed backupset
> tag='daily_arch_backup'
> archivelog all channel ch2;
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 1:20 PM, Niall Litchfield <
>> wrote:
>> How many database backups do you have? I'd read your policy as obsoleting
>> archive logs no longer required for your oldest level 0 backup. That is I
>> expect having 2 backups of the db more recent than the oldest log would do
>> the trick. The RMAN command report obsolete should help.
>> Niall Litchfield

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