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From: Dennis Yurichev <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 07:55:39 +0300
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Just found in SAP brochure:

Improved Oracle Net Throughput
* Support for Network Vector IO and removal of 32KB SDU size
  • Less memcpy and system calls
  • Support for asynchronous network io calls
  • Reduces CPU consumption

What this is?
Is it related to? Fast Bulk Data Transfers

Oracle Database now uses a larger session data unit (SDU) by default. Optimizations to the Network Session SDU size result in significant performance gains for large data transfers.

This feature also takes advantage of zero copy and vectored I/O at the network level.

Fast bulk data transfers result in significant performance improvements for large data transfers.

What this feature is? How to turn it on? Off? Does anybody heard about it at least anything?

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