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From: Michael Schmitt <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 10:36:18 -0500
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In my opinion the economy is causing a lot of people to stick with their current jobs instead of testing the market. Sometimes it is better to have job security then the unknown.

I would easily trade a couple of requirements on a JD to hire someone that is a hard worker, has made being a DBA more than a job but a hobby, can work well with people, and are largely self taught. Unfortunately, those are usually the harder things for me to determine when interviewing someone. A person with those skills can usually be trained on what is needed and keep up with what I need them to know. I think those are also common traits that I see in people that I would consider experts on Oracle. They work hard and have an internal desire to understand how things work. Being a senior level goes beyond answering technical questions, and is one of the reasons I think the group of people who think they are senior level is so much larger then what is actually out there. The last thing I need to do is hire someone because they can answer some tech questions, but I can't get them to really perform because they are more interested in reading politico then doing work

I consider oracle-l work related though :)

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