export of blob object hangs

From: Mahadevan, Sundar <Sundar.Mahadevan_at_bmo.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 10:44:34 -0400
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Hi All,
Greetings. My source database is on Solaris 10. The destination database resides on a windows server and is We will be testing our schema level export generated on the source database (Solaris) to windows. As a backup I want to have an export generated from my windows desktop with client installed to match the destination windows environment. The database size is 15GB with system tablespace/temp and redo included. The schema export on my windows desktop with client ran for more than 50 hours but did not complete. It hangs at exporting a blob table. The export process did not die but there is nothing in v$sql_area either. 1) What am I missing here? 2) Any caveats for Solaris to windows export/import? Many Thanks in advance.



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