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Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 18:16:28 +0100
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In this situation in the past I've always found Oracle's criteria for sev1, that the customer tech *and a responsible manager* are contactable 24/7 useful I'm crystallizing the actual severity of an incident. That said escalation isn't a change in severity, but a recognition that the existing analysts aren't providing a satisfactory service. I'd be really interested to see escalation rates over the last 5 years or so.

Niall Litchfield

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Something to consider about "sev1" SRs with Oracle Support, having to do with simple human nature...

Oracle Support has multiple support centers for each area of expertise, scattered all around the world, resulting in a "follow the sun" ability to work a problem continuously, as responsibility for the Sev1 SR moves from time-zone to time-zone. This continuous-processing capability is a good thing overall.

One possible problem with this "follow-the-sun" approach is that the SR is not necessarily worked by the same analyst every time it re-enters a time-zone. Like any other workplace, Oracle Support is juggling employee schedules and issues. So, as a result, the SR spends 6-8 hours with each analyst, and depending on the analyst, they may spend most of those 6-8 hours coming up to speed on the issues, then one or two rounds of Q&A to try to make progress, then pass the SR onto the next time-zone. Thus, a sev1 SR can spend all of its time bouncing from one analyst to another, and as it ages, it becomes inevitable that new sev1 SRs enter the queue, distracting attention, and now the analyst has to juggle the older sev1 SRs long enough to pass onto the next time-zone. Not that "juggling" is the intention of any of the analysts, but it is pretty much a natural consequence given the circumstances.

So, although your management may insist on pushing the SR to "severity 1", for a complex involved issue you may get better results from leaving it at severity 2, then escalating to a duty manager to make sure the best person for the problem is assigned to the SR. It may seem counter-intuitive (or maybe not?), but 8 hours/day of one good analyst can achieve faster resolution than 24 hours/day of 3-4 different analysts every 6-8 hours. Everyone knows that it requires constant input from the customer side in return for constant processing from the Oracle Support side, but that also includes continuous guidance from the customer side to ensure that progress is being made and "juggling" is not occurring.

Of course, you'd have to consider the nature of the problem carefully, but if it is a complex and involved situation, such as a recovery, this is something to consider...

Hope this helps...

Tim Gorman

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