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From: Stefan Knecht <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 20:36:26 +0200
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What always works is escalation. Oracle has a perfectly funtioning escalation process -- and contrary to what some may believe, this does *not only* apply to severity 1 SRs....

Occasions where I frequently escalate service requests:

  • You have to meet some kind of deadline (application rollout, upgrade, etc)
  • You've tried to explain the same analyst the same thing 5 times and he still asks you for an RDA (or insert other non-relevant thing here)
  • You need dedicated support for a sustaining period of time (not 24/7, but you need a timely resolution which is only possible wiht a dedicated engineer keeping an eye on your SR updates)
  • You need someone on standby at a given time (i.e. during a critical phase of applying a patch they sent you, and you only have a tiny downtime window)

BUT -- and here's the thing, don't simply type into the SR "I'd like to escalate" .. this gets ignored more often than not. Call them, and (very important) ask for management callback --this way the HUB guy or girl on the phone will call the duty manager directly. In virtually every case I've had a support manager on the line within minutes of calling them. Then, explain the situation to them (they speak good english !! ;-) , and have them work with their support staff. YOu can be amazed sometimes how the same engineers that you'd wait for days answering silly questions all the sudden start getting reasonable when they have their manager looking over their shoulders.

Another thing that helps, is to involve your sales reps. They want you to be happy (so they are welcome when trying to sell you more licenses and support renewals) , and especially those that have been around a bit have good contacts into oracle support -- that can also speed up your SR by orders of magnitude.

Oh, and the very same applies to BUGs as well, but you need to be a bit more convincing there :-)

All in all I have to say, even if a lot of people are complaining -- it's the best vendor support I've worked with. By far.

Just my CHF 0.02 ;-)


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> Nice tips on creating a SR.
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