RE: database decommission checklist

From: QuijadaReina, Julio C <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 11:11:48 -0400
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Life catches up with characters like Madoff sooner or later. Unless one lives as a hermit, tracks are hard to cover. And it usually takes more than erasing what's on a disk to cover them ;-)


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You really think one write to a disk is enough - Well so long as you aren't Dexter or Madoff! 2009/6/30 QuijadaReina, Julio C <<>>

On Linux, you can use a tool called 'shred'. It will repeatedly write 25 times over on the disk. Make it a little harder to recover data if that is your intent.


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Subject: RE: database decommission checklist

And, might I add, when it comes to wiping the disk, one good wipe is all it takes, contrary to what government standards say.....

I challenge anyone to recover data from a disk after a single pass of:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd0

You do that, the data is gone, and it's not coming back....


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I would just add wiping the disk, or taking a sledgehammer to it if it's really sensitive data and you'll be decommissioning the hardware too, and then other little things like updating documentation and maybe any clients, e.g. tnsnames.ora files, that need to be updated.



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