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Yes, I use that method to move from an old database to a new database. My scripts drive off of DBA_Users, with User_ID ranges and UserName includes and excludes to pick and choose which schemas get copied. The list of schemas becomes the Owner= list in the single export from the old database, as well as the FromUser= and ToUser= lists in the single import into the new database.

Of course before the imp into the new DB, I've already run scripts in the new DB to create the users, assign roles, system privs, tablespace quotas, create public DB links, etc. Those scripts were created from scripts run against the old DB. It's very fast and flexible, allowing me to tweak roles, privs, and even to consolidate schemas by adjusting the ToUser= list in the imp *.par file.

I've done this from 9i to 9i DBs where expdp and impdp weren't an option, as well as from 9i to 10g. I'll have to explore the expdp and impdp options further. Sounds appealing for getting schemas into a new 10g DB.

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RE: Oracle8i to 10g upgrade using exp and imp


Why would you want to do an exp with full=Y?  

I would simply recreate any scripts to create local roles and users. Include any privs assigned to each user in the recreate scripts.  

Run these scripts to create the roles and users. Export and import each schema individually. Export with Oracle 8 and Import with Oracle 10.  

Resolve any problems. Should be a snap.  

You don’t say how big your database is and this may be a deciding factor in how you do this.  

Hope this helps.


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It doesnt seem to say anywhere that i can export the whole 8i database with full=y (including sys and system users) and then import into 10g using full=y(including sys and system)  


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Oracle has the Oracle Database Upgrade Guide. In this the method is mentioned.
See . Start reading from the paragraph Export/Import

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I would like to know any metalink note or Oracle documentation link which spells out that i can do exp full=y on 8i database and imp full=y into 10g database.

I searched this but unable to locate that this is a a supported method for upgrading from 8i to 10g


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