RE: Monitoring CBO degrading Switches in xplans?

From: Fmhabash <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 14:49:23 -0400
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Oracle recommended it, but with the disclaimer that you do your own testing. The test setup is currently in progress. I would like to hear from DBA'S who actually implemented it and how did it impact performance?  

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Did you try turning off bind variable peeking or histograms?

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> This is an issue that has made sleepless over and over again. Critical
> application sql changes its xplans causing elapse time to go unacceptably
> worst.
> We eventually wanted to monitor this kind of event proactively. To this
> effect, we query top n sql from awr order by elapsed time. We then compare
> most recent ET value to the previous n samples. We then calculate cost of
> current plan and compare it to existing awr ones cost.
> With all this info, we alert if ET and plan cost exceed thresholds.
> How do you cope with this issue and what have you done to monitor it (logic
> wise).
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