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I asked this question on the list a month or two back, and got a fair number of responses. Full disclosure - my company makes a product that a number of companies use in lieu of Provisioning Pack, so take anything I say with a big grain of salt. The general feedback, both on- and off-list:
  • Database cloning works pretty well, with some limitations
  • No one reported success getting RAC provisioning to work with Provsioning Pack
  • Mixed reports on using it for patching - some people said it worked fine, others said they had to throw it out. Regardless, everyone agreed that the download from metalink and staging of patches via OEM was a nice feature
  • No one seemed to have used Provisioning pack to build databases/ORACLE_HOMEs from scratch - instead they built them by hand and then cloned them to the desired servers
  • No one had used OEM for bare-metal OS provisioning

I think that was the overall feedback. Is there anything in particular you're looking at it to do?


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Has anyone used Oracle Provisioning Pack?  

If so, what did you think of it?  Which features did you use?  10g or 11g?  Is it the time-saver it's advertised to be?  (If answering the time-saver question, how many databases/environments did you operate against?  I'd like to determine at what number of databases/tiers this starts to save time: 10, 20, 50, 100 databases?) 

Thanks for whatever information you are willing to share.

Kind regards,
Mary Elizabeth McNeely

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