Re: How to convert schema to readonly schema.

From: Andre van Winssen <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 16:19:19 +0200
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if it's 11g db you can alter the table to readonly for the owner (and other users):

SQL> create table readonly (c1 number);
Table created.
SQL> alter table readonly read only;
Table altered.
SQL> insert into readonly values (1);
insert into readonly values (1)

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-12081: update operation not allowed on table "READONLY"

But this does not prevent you (as owner) from dropping the table

SQL> drop table readonly;
Table dropped.

with following simple script you can do this for all tables in your schema:

  for rec in (select table_name from user_tables) loop
   execute immediate 'alter table '||rec.table_name||' read only';
 end loop;

to undo use
alter table xx read write;

2009/6/22 Subodh Deshpande <>

> two ways I guess,
> 0) put the eniter schema in a read only table space
> 1.1) create another schema which will be the owner and for rest all give
> only select access, sys, system and the new schema owner passwords should be
> kept secret or
> 1.2) other than the present owner give everybody as select access, and sys,
> system and the orginal schema owner passwords should be kept secret
> thanks and take care..subodh
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> *From:* Avadhani mys <>
> *To:* oracle-l <>
> *Sent:* Monday, 22 June, 2009 17:27:34
> *Subject:* How to convert schema to readonly schema.
> Hi Gurus,
> I have a requirement to convert schema to readonly schema. The application
> users should have select privilege on the objects he owns and application
> team would like to use this schema for reference.
> Thanks in Advance
> Aavadhani
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