RE: RMAN catalog, DG and Em backups - solution

From: John Hallas <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 08:24:23 +0100
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Whilst Oracle responded that service name* could not be used to define a recovery catalog within Grid they did offer the following workaround:

Add Recovery Catalog database to grid (Recovery Catalogs page): In our case:

Host:     server3
Port:      1526
SID:        SIDA
Recovery Catalog Username:     xxxxxxxx
Recovery Catalog Password:       xxxxxxxx

Change your database(s) to use the recovery catalog (Maintenance - Recovery Catalog Settings - Select 'Use Recovery Catalog' and pick from the drop down list).

Backups work fine. However, if we now perform a switchover/failover the SID is now SIDBB and the backups would now fail.

Workaround: edit the defined recovery catalog and change the host/SID. This will now be changed for all databases using this catalog. If you have more than one recovery catalog (schema) then you will need to edit each defined catalog.

Not ideal but it is a quick change. Our other idea would be build the standby with the same SID and use a virtual host name that fails over to the standby server. This requires further investigation/testing.

  • So we could use a 'primary' service that is started by a trigger based on the role (primary) on startup.

From: [] On Behalf Of John Hallas Sent: 02 June 2009 09:26
Subject: RMAN catalog, DG and Em backups

We are building an RMAN recovery catalog and we are going to Dataguard it. Most of our backups are run through Grid and so we would have to update each entry to put a username/password and SID of the recovery catalog to be used.

Given that the standby database will have a different SID there seems to be no way to get the existing backups to work once we have failed over to the standby without updating all the entries to select the alternative catalog which would be a mammoth task

The EM backup screen requires a SID and will not accept a service name.

Do others use DG for a recovery catalog and how do they manage if using EM to manage backups


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