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Thanks, Everyone for your input and its very useful.

Hi Donald, Some of the reasons for the consolidation is for Data Center effectiveness such as Power, Space and Cooling + going green. Analysis is still going on to find different solutions available with pros/cons. ESX 3.5 with multiple VM Hosts for the Windows (SQL, AS) and Linux (Oracle) servers using SAN is one of the options; Blade is also being considered with no Vmware solutions for the Production Servers; Development could sit on VM solution for the Windows but how to handle Oracle on VMWare is another question.

Thanks, Again for the inputs.

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We recently moved several databases from HP rp5450 (L2000) servers running four PA8600 processors (single-core) to Oracle Linux on Dell 2950s running dual quad-core Xeon X5450_at_3GHz processors, so the Oracle licensing was the same since we went from 4 single cores to 8 multi-cores after the .5 licensing multiplier for Intel procs.

The new system is MUCH faster - my database refreshes via exp/imp used to run in about 2-3 hours and now run in 15-30 minutes. This is even with running on top of VMWare ESX 3.5.

We did also upgrade from 8i to 10g and switched to a new SAN at the same time, so it's not exactly apples to apples, however the 8i to 10g change shouldn't make that much difference on exp/imp (no, I'm not using datapump), and the SANs we moved from/to were pretty similar in performance so I don't think that accounts for much of the difference either.


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Also, Looking to move the hardware from HP PA RISC architecture to x86 using Linux. What is the equivalent of 4 Dual Core PA8900 processeors compared to the HP Machines especially DL-G Series.

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