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Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 15:48:53 -0400
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In the past on earlier versions of RAC we have performed recovery with both nodes and instances started. In fact since the archive log destination was not a shared directory we ran recovery using both nodes and when prompted for a redo log would enter the file name on the other instance and recovery would run there till it needed a file on the first instance again.  

Given the option I would run recovery on one node with the other instances shutdown or at least restricted.

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	I dont think the version matter here but we're doing both and         

        If i lose a datafile like part of tablespace users, single datafile and want to restore it and do recovery(complete) can i just take the datafile offline leaving all 3 nodes(of 3 nodes) up and running and do the restore, it appears we're getting ORA-19573 issue about enqueue lock not able to be obtained. I'm thinking we don't need to bring down all of the nodes and bring one up in single instance mode to do this, or am i out in left field here?         

        thanks, joe         

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