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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 13:54:21 -0400
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Hi All,

   I run a RAC environment with a profile limitation of 3 sessions set. Unfortunately, RAC uses the profile on an instance basis... that is, a user can open 3 connections per instance. The application I run is going to come under some heavy fire in the coming year because we will be running a third node with a substantial growth in user base ( 6000 - 7000 concurrent users). The application is a forms/reports application. I'm trying to come up with a few options on tighter control of user sessions. I can't really play with the profile limitations because load balancing may hit the same node and refuse another session if the balancer tries to run a report off an instance that has reached the maximum allowable sessions. I'd be appreciative of any ideas you may have.  

Thank you,


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