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RE: Litchfield on October patch

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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:24:59 -0400
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Unfortunately as of 10.2 Oracle does not provide syntax for database creation (most of it is the same but I always worry about new features). All I found on Metalink were the instructions that if you *really* don't want to use DBCA then use DBCA to generate the scripts and run them yourself.

I did so and did a fair amount of modifying but I'm still a bit p***ed off about it.

Jay Miller  

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Subject: RE: Litchfield on October patch

Exactly. DBCA is a beast that should be put to sleep. It cruds the database up with stuff that you don't need, and that Oracle wants to charge you for. We never use it.

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Better yet, just don't use the dbca.


"E-vil. Like the fru-its of the dev-il, E-vil."

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On 10/19/05, Ray Stell <> wrote:
> from bugtraq:
> Having downloaded and given the Oracle October patch a cursory
> some of the flaws Oracle told me were being fixed, remain exploitable.
> again the patch is not sufficient. I will conduct a full investigation
> the patch over the coming few days and post some recommendations once
> complete. Incidently, it's good to see that the NGS Disclosure policy
of not
> publicly releasing details of the flaws "fixed" seems to work as a
> fail safe mechanism.
> More to follow...
> Cheers,
> David Litchfield
> NGSSoftware Ltd
> ======================================================================
> Ray Stell (540) 231-4109 Tempus fugit 28^D
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This one will knock out vulnerabilities DB [17-25]: Steps for Manual De-installation of Oracle Spatial atabase_id=NOT&p_id=179472.1

Basically, the schema mdsys is created by default in a dbca db, even if the spatial option is not being installed. In theory, the following:

SQL> drop user spatial cascade;

should do the trick.
The referenced doc was for 9i and not apparently updated for 10g.

As always, test on a destructo box first.



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