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From: Janine Sisk <>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 22:20:09 -0700
Message-Id: <>

Hear, hear. I was thinking of posting much the same thing, but had not decided if my flame-proof suit was thick enough to risk it.

The way the tone of the list has been lately I would hesitate to ask nearly any question at all, because my DBA knowledge is still at a fairly low level and no matter how much effort I put into looking for the answer, my question is likely to appear trivial to Those in the Know. I also find that the less one knows about Oracle the harder it is to find the answers to problems, because one doesn't even know the right keywords to look for.

I have been on this list for quite a while and for the most part people have been supportive and helpful to everyone. The idiots (and I don't disagree that some posters have all the symptoms) generally go away when they are ignored, and I think life on this list was much better when that was the usual policy.


On Oct 20, 2005, at 7:33 PM, Connor McDonald wrote:

> I have no problem with pasting a link to the documentation as a
> response, but I disagree vehemently with "RTFM" as a response
> "RTFM" has the subtext to the poster that they were either
> a) too lazy to look up the manuals
> b) too stupid to look up the manuals
> independent of whether or not that was the intention of your "rtfm"
> response. Its become far too emotive a term - the moment you see
> "RTFM" in a thread, you rarely see any further sensible or
> technical discussion follow it.
> Of course, maybe a poster IS a lazy sod, or has been swimming at
> the shallow end of the gene pool - that still does not make it a
> responders right to assert either. "RTFM" is a responders way of
> saying "I could answer your question but I choose not to make the
> effort".... which is far better handled by simply not replying at all.
> I'd hate to see Oracle-L degenerate into the farcical slanging
> match that has become..
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