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RE: Managing developers recommendations

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:28:23 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Hey Fred,

I highly encourage you to pop over to for direct access to the TOAD dev team. While I'm not a Quest employee, TOAD's a big part of my DBA life and there's a bunch of us on there willing to help with TOAD in addition to the Quest TOAD team.

In the meantime, here's some things that may help to use TOAD:

  1. Users cannot do anything in TOAD that you can't do in SQL*Plus. i.e. there's no circumventing of Oracle security.
  2. This doesn't mean I want devs analyzing tables and screwing up my DBMS_STATS with a simple (accidental?) touch of a GUI button! This and most other features can be turned on and off by Oracle username or by using roles. The security information is stored in the DB, so it's not client-specific. I don't use this as "security" per se, but to prevent accidents. If a dev wants to screw up their schema, not much will stop them aside from fear of consequences and maybe a trigger.
  3. The latest GA release of TOAD is 8.5.3. It's best to start with this version if possible.
  4. There is a freeware version of TOAD with limitations. See Also see the TOAD FAQ!

HTH! Good luck with the generic account!


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[] On Behalf Of Fred Smith Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 4:06 PM To:
Subject: Re: Managing developers recommendations

Unfortunately that is true, I just started here and my first order of business is to attempt to create some order out of this chaos. Currently,
all developers log in as the same user (the user who owns all of the tables/objects of the application). My fear is that if all developers use
this account with TOAD, they will "accidentally" drop important objects left-and-right.

Ideally I want to hold off on releasing TOAD to developers until I can lock
down the development arena by doing as you said ... creating individual developer accounts.

I was just wondering if there is any interim solution such as a trimmed-down
TOAD version.

(Unfortunately getting every developer to use an individual deverloper account is not an overnight process around here, there are dozens of cron
jobs that run with a hardcoded username/password, etc.) So all of those

processes will need to be changed so everyone can't just login and see the
individual accounts.

Thanks for all the tips, you are adding to my arsenal of reasons that justify my objective of creating some order around here!!

-Fred S.

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