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RE: with complications in banner

From: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:10:21 +0100
Message-ID: <3D730671F3FB8C4EA73FD2E94A11F94703AF14@tshuklonmbx02.ERF.THOMSON.COM>

This type of trace file is not for use with tkprof. An ORA-00600 is an Oracle internal error. It will show you what SQL statement was running when the error was thrown. Do you have MetaLink access? If so it is possible to search the stack trace that appears in the trace file. I see that your are running, if you were to contact Oracle then they would advise you to apply the latest patchset for your platform (probably  

Lastly please post replies to the list and not to me directly, you will probably get more help that way as more people will see the mail.  


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From: Onkar N Tiwary [] Sent: 28 April 2005 12:56
To: Hitchman, Peter (TS UK)
Subject: Re: with complications in banner

hi peter,
I checked alert log and found this entry.  

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17182], [207301840], [], [], [], [], [], []  

However upon check the same it says error in the trace file which on further investigation gives a lot of information in the coded form which i couldnt read. when used with tkprof the output was something like this:

TKPROF: Release - Production on Thu Apr 28 17:22:32 2005

(c) Copyright 2000 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Trace file: E:\Oracle\admin\MPAPPDB1\udump\ORA05132.TRC Sort options: default

count    = number of times OCI procedure was executed
cpu      = cpu time in seconds executing 
elapsed  = elapsed time in seconds executing 
disk     = number of physical reads of buffers from disk
query    = number of buffers gotten for consistent read
current  = number of buffers gotten in current mode (usually for update)
rows     = number of rows processed by the fetch or execute call 
Trace file: E:\Oracle\admin\MPAPPDB1\udump\ORA05132.TRC Trace file compatibility: 8.00.04
Sort options: default
       1  session in tracefile.
       0  user  SQL statements in trace file.
       0  internal SQL statements in trace file.
       0  SQL statements in trace file.
       0  unique SQL statements in trace file. 
   86219 lines in trace file.

No error reported in this output file. The command I executed is:

tkprof <<trc file name>> <<out put file name>>

Am I issuing wrong command ? If yes then wht will the command and if no then how to find where the error is?? shall I put the entire trc file information?  

On 4/28/05, < <> > wrote:

I have seen this before when the session has thrown some kind of internal Oracle error, check the alert log. It never had any long term impact.


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[mailto: <> ]On Behalf Of Onkar N Tiwary Sent: 28 April 2005 06:09
Subject: with complications in banner

when i disconnect from the oracle server, sometimes the banner show this: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning option *( With complications*) ---- ???? JServer Release - Production
Can anyone plz. tell me wht does it mean??????

Thanks & Regards,
T. Onkar Nath
Ph : +91-9826728111(Cell)



Thanks & Regards,
T. Onkar Nath
Ph : +91-9826728111(Cell)

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