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Re: sqlplus shutdown "time-out"

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 12:25:59 -0400
Message-ID: <>

On 4/19/05, Hostetter, Jay M <> wrote:
> It's left over from Rama Velpouri's scripts in his Backup and Recovery
> handbook. (OK - I have the 7.3 book, so I don't know if this was
> changed in later releases of the book - if there were any). His book
> cites the reasons as:


> 1) To get the datafiles and redologs listing file (which I no longer
> need, now that I use RMAN)

> 2) To get a clean cold backup.

> Jay

Where to begin?
In the land of win32, stopping an OS service that is set to use shutdown immediate is notorious for notorious for timing out prior to closing cleanly.
Yes, one can hike the value of the key=20 HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WaitToKillServiceTimeout to a sensible value of (e.g. 300000) and use oradim to hike the "TIMEOUT" parameter.
OEM agents, snmp agents are known to be resistant to dying quickly during a shutdown immediate.

Use hot or rman backups if the db is in archivelog mode.

Cold backups are highly overrated (a real pita).

I find them useful before a patchset is applied or before an upgrade to a new release.
Making a hot backup consistent with a new set of binaries is an adventure that I do not recommend.

You're best off to check the current wind direction from Metalink, but I strongly believe that the preferred method is to:

alter system checkpoint;
alter system switch logfile;
shutdown abort;
startup mount restrict;
alter system set job_queue_processes=3D0; -- might want to mess with aq_processes here also shutdown immediate

(stop the OS service if you're on win32)




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> Question: Why the double shutdown? A "shutdown immediate" is a clean
> shutdown.

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> We are running the same database version and OS version. This same
> problem just recently started happening on one of our databases.
> We do the folowing

> Shutdown immediate;
> Startup restrict;
> Shutdown;

> The shutdown immediate was fine. However, the normal shutdown was
> generating the 1013 error. From what I could tell, a user with dba
> rights was connecting while the database was in restrict mode. I
> modified the script so that it locks that user's account prior to the
> first shutdown. This seems to have fixed my problem.

> However, I'm not answering your question. I'm not sure what timeout
> value is used. Are these sessions executing some long running SQL
> commands? Can they be rescheduled to run at another time? Years ago, I
> had an instructer tell me that for backups, just do the following:

> alter system checkpoint;
> shutdown abort;
> Startup restrict;
> Shutdown;

> While this definitely brings the database down, I never really felt
> comfortable doing this. You might just want to kill active processes
> before you start your backup.

> Jay

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#/etc/init.d/init.cssd stop
# f=3Dma, divide by 1, convert to moles.

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