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RE: sqlplus shutdown "time-out"

From: Hostetter, Jay M <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:07:54 -0400
Message-ID: <>

We are running the same database version and OS version.  This same=0D=0Apr=
oblem just recently started happening on one of our databases.=20=0D=0AWe d=
o the folowing=0D=0A=0D=0AShutdown immediate;=0D=0AStartup restrict;=0D=0AS=
hutdown;=0D=0A=0D=0AThe shutdown immediate was fine.  However, the normal s=
hutdown was=0D=0Agenerating the 1013 error.  From what I could tell, a user=
 with dba=0D=0Arights was connecting while the database was in restrict mod=
e.  I=0D=0Amodified the script so that it locks that user's account prior t=
o the=0D=0Afirst shutdown. This seems to have fixed my problem.=0D=0A=0D=0A=
However, I'm not answering your question.  I'm not sure what timeout=0D=0Av=
alue is used.  Are these sessions executing some long running SQL=0D=0Acomm=
ands=3F  Can they be rescheduled to run at another time=3F  Years ago, I=0D=

=0Ahad an instructer tell me that for backups, just do the following:=0D=0A=0D=
=0Aalter system checkpoint;=0D=0Ashutdown abort;=0D=0AStartup restrict;=0D=0A=
Shutdown;=0D=0A=0D=0AWhile this definitely brings the database down, I neve=
r really felt=0D=0Acomfortable doing this.  You might just want to kill act=
ive processes=0D=0Abefore you start your backup.=0D=0A=0D=0AJay=0D=0A=0D=0A=
-----Original Message-----=0D=0AFrom:[m=] On Behalf Of Vitalis=0D=0ASent: Thursd=
ay, April 14, 2005 9:45 AM=0D=0ATo: Oracle-L=0D=0ASubject: sqlplus shutdown=
 "time-out"=0D=0A=0D=0AHi all,=0D=0A=0D=0A9. on Aix 5L.=0D=0ABefore =
our cold RMAN backups, we shutdown and startup the instances as=0D=0Afoll=3D=0D=
=0Aows:=0D=0A=0D=0Asqlplus '/ as sysdba' <<EOD=0D=0Ashutdown immediate=0D=0A=
startup=0D=0Ashutdown immediate=0D=0Astartup mount=0D=0AEOD=0D=0A=0D=0ASome=
times both shutdowns seem to time-out automatically (certainly while=0D=0AO=
racle is busy rolling back some huge transactions):=0D=0A=0D=0A=3D3D=3D3D> =
Beginning consistent instance shutdown and mount: Thu Apr 14=0D=0A01:35:02 =
DFT 2005=0D=0A=0D=0ASQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Apr 14 =
01:35:02 2005=0D=0A=0D=0ACopyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation.  All=
 rights reserved.=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0AConnected to:=0D=0AOracle9i Enterprise E=
dition Release - 64bit Production With=0D=0Athe Partitioning, OLA= P and Oracle Data Mining options JServer Release=0D=0A9. - Productio= n=0D=0A=0D=0ASQL> ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation=0D=0A= SQL> ORA-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE - shut it down first=0D=
=0ASQL> ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation=0D=0ASQL> ORA=
-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE - shut it down first=0D=0A=0D=0A= SQL> Disconnected from Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release -=0D=0A= 64bit Production=0D=0AWith the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining op= tions JServer=0D=0ARelease - Production =3D3D=3D3D> Ended consist= ent instance=0D=0Ashutdown and mount: Thu Apr 14 03:37:55 D=3D FT 2005=0D=0A=0D=
=0ABoth "user requested cancel" aren't human actions and it seems that both=0D=
=0Ashutdowns time-out after 1 hour.=0D=0A=0D=0AWhat might be the cause of t=
hes time-outs giving that sql*net is not=0D=0Ainvolved and that sys's profi= le is "default" (idle_time=3D3Dunlimited). I=0D=0Acan't find any relevant t= ime-out parameter for sqlplus (only for=0D=0Aisqlplus).=0D=0A=0D=0ATIA,=0D=0A=
Jerome=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A**DISCLAIMER=0D=0AThis e-mail message a=
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to their official business.=0D=0A
Received on Tue Apr 19 2005 - 11:13:46 CDT

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