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Re: Oracle Advanced Queue and Java Messaging System(JMS)

From: Radu-Adrian Popescu <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 14:21:30 +0300
Message-ID: <>

Martic Zoran wrote:
> Radu,
> My appologies if I offend you.

I was not offended at all ! :) Simply failed to understand why you thought what I said contradicted what you were saying.

> I just wanted to point out that JMS was on top of AQ.
> AQ on top of the table with a lots of PL/SQL to cover
> the functionality of dequeue/enqueue/wait/.....
> And tried to explain what is AQ and not what is JMS.
> I am using AQ a lot, from PL/SQL and C side and I just
> pointed out what is that based on.

Do you use the OCCI API ?

> I agree that I know only a basic concepts about JMS,
> but know much better AQ.
> Java AQ API or JMS at the end is just Java API for me.
> That can be rude to you, but for me is just the
> standard way to do messaging. It can be very
> complicate to somebody to do JMS in his complete
> Oracle way, so I assume a lots of aps are not using
> it.
> In Java community we found that yesterday was Oracle
> AQ API, today is JMS tomorrow who knows :)

>>From that perspective I used the term java API not

> specifying which one.
> If JMS is that great specification Oracle will not top
> up JMS with Oracle specific API inside it :)
> Similar to JDBC, or SQL, ...
> At the end Oracle wanted to provide much reacher AQ
> operations in JMS.

Indeed, each vendor has its extensions, be that for JDBC, JMS and most of the SPI style APIs. Nothing really unusual, right ?

> I assume you wanted to point out your production
> experience in this domain, so go for it.

Not at all, au contraire, was asking you if you're using AQ in production and if you have any noteworthy experiences that you'd care to share. Such as administration issues, performance etc.

> Sorry again.
> Regards,
> Zoran

Thanks and regards,

Radu-Adrian Popescu
CSA, DBA, Developer
Aldrapay MD
Aldratech Ltd.

Received on Mon Apr 11 2005 - 07:25:28 CDT

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