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Re: Oracle Advanced Queue and Java Messaging System(JMS)

From: Radu-Adrian Popescu <>
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 14:02:45 +0300 (EEST)
Message-ID: <>

> Radu,
> In 10g there is only JMS java interface to AQ.
> But that does no change what I said as truth.

I'm not sure why you think what I said changes "the truth" of your explanation. After all I did say "I second that". But since we're drawing lines in the dust now, please find that that is not the case and quoth the manual:
"Java AQ API is deprecated in favor of a unified, industry-standard JMS interface. The Java AQ API is still being supported for legacy applications. However, Oracle recommends that you migrate your Java AQ API application to JMS and that new applications use JMS."

> I do not care too much how Java API is called but
> rather how is that working.
> As you said JMS is the only you can hear from 10g
> release so you are correct only in that particular
> case.
> Also 10g is not spread that much yet, so using term
> Java API is good enough for me.

Umm, wrong. JMS is a standard while "Java API" means nothing from a compliance point of view. This is a very important issue, even though JMS is a rather poor rip-off of the OMG spec. 10g does JMS 1.1, 9iR2 does JMS 1.0b2. 9iR1 and 8i probably incompletely support JMS 1.0, although you'd have to get specifics on that.

> In 9i you have both special Oracle Java API and Oracle
> JMS that is based on the Sun JMS with additional
> administration API not covered by the standard.
> Similar to Oracle JDBC that has more then the standard
> JDBC standard anyway. Or Oracle SQL :)
> I liked Oracle AQ a lot because it gives you nice
> queueing without additional cost (licenses), so at
> least something free from ORacle :)

Have you used this in production ? If so, care to share you thoughts on the experience?

> Regards,
> Zoran


Radu-Adrian Popescu
CSA, DBA, Developer
Aldrapay MD
Aldratech Ltd.
Received on Sun Apr 10 2005 - 08:06:57 CDT

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