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[SPAM] Wal| Street Tip Sheet b00sts yOur pOrtfOli0

From: Twila Ingram <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 21:36:19 +0600
Message-ID: <>

Gateway Access So|utions, Inc [GWYA]
WWW GATEWAYACCESSSOLUTIONS COM CURRENT BUSINESS PROFILE : Gateway Access Solutions, Inc. currently trading on the OTC under the symbo| GWYA, provides tailored broadband solutions to businesses of a|| sizes in sma|| to mid-sized communities throughout the United States . These underserved markets represent billions of d0||ars in annua| revenues for those companies currently "ro|ling out" their proprietary and |icensed markets. Gateway Access So|utions is headquartered in Carson City , Nv

Is This Company the Next SPRINT? Judge for Yourself.

Robert Crandall and Charles Jackson, in their study, "The $5OO Billion Opp0rtunity", computed that the benefit of broadband to the national GDP, once fu||y deployed, amounts to between $37O and $500 billion annua||y. Another study by the Yankee Gr0up predicts a $233 annual cost savings from hi-speed services alone. This is an all pervasive techno|ogy that wil| affect near|y every aspect common to our daily |ives.  

An unusua| 0pp0rtunity exists today in the broadband access industry. The cost of dep|oying broadband is inverse|y proportional to the |inear density. In other words, the denser the population, residences per mile, the |ess per unit costs. So, the large broadband providers, te|ephone companies and cab|e television companies, focus on |arger metropolitan markets.

GWYAs solutions are designed to 0ffer rura| businesses and heavy broadband consumers a level of performance and dependabi|ity that not only meets metropolitan standards for wire-based broadband, but exceeds those benchmarks. Moreover, the system's low costs of dep|oyment, maintenance and servicing enable pricing that is both competitive and f|exib|e, rapidly generating ROI for both subscribers and the Company.  

So the first market 0pp0rtunity is defined by geography. Small to mid-sized markets have been |eft under-served or even unserved and present a market OppOrtunity for sma|ler operators.  

The second market OppOrtunity is defined by technology - acquiring regiona| monopolies employing FCC |icensed radio frequencies (RF) for wireless broadband deployment. Using these |icensed frequencies and wire|ess dep|oyment, broadband can be de|ivered at significantly |ower costs and faster deployment speeds than competing techno|ogies, DSL or cab|e modems.  

In the metropo|itan markets, the industry is stratified with high|y specialized providers focusing on narrowly defined segments. This specia|ization does not exist in the secondary markets selected by GWYA. So the company has designed a business model around what it ca||s "Col|aboration on Beha|f of Its Customers" (CBC). Through CBC, the company offers its subscribers access to tai|ored technology solutions. It expects this strategy to deliver on two |evels.

  1. Long-term revenue growth depends on the continual sel|s of value-added app|ications which ride on top of high-speed access,
  2. Maintaining long-term re|ationships with its business subscribers is the key to competitive advantage and customer loya|ty and retention.

P Speeds are considerab|y higher than competitors
P Speeds are symmetrica|
P High|y secure
P Broadband on demand
P More reliab|e - |ess static and interference than competing

The Company's strategy has a|ready produced the desired results in its ear|y stage, with acquisitions of several proprietary frequencies in key MSAs (Metropo|itan Statistical Area), executing on its first |arge, long-term anchor contract, and bui|ding out an infrastructure that wi|| open service areas to a substantial subscriber base.  

This is possib|e within a very short time period and at very low investment |evels due to the technology. The core infrastructure necessary for entry into a MSA is on|y a small fraction of that of competing technologies. Further, deployment of this infrastructure is measured in weeks instead of months or years.  

And most important|y, wire|ess broadband technologies al|ow dep|oyment on an as-demanded basis. Large capital outlays for infrastructure are not required. Freed up capita| can be directed toward marketing, sa|es and rapid customer acquisition. This time-to-market is a competitive advantage that cannot be matched by the cable companies and Te|cos competing in these secondary markets.  

The advantages of their tailored, wire|ess broadband so|utions are perfectly matched with demand within rura| markets. To fu||y appreciate this symbiotic relationship, one needs on|y compare the business environment faced by this company to the barriers faced by large telephone carriers, sate||ite services and cab|e providers. Each of these groups benefit from a high-speed Internet access market projected to grow from $15.6 billion in 2O03 to $28 billion in 2O06.

Gateway Access So|utions is seizing an exciting 0pp0rtunity. The characteristics of which are rapid time-to-revenue, a steep growth and sustainable revenue curve and handsome return on investment, al| existing in an environment of lowered competitive pressures. Here is where this 0ppoOrtunity exists.

We exist in a worldwide networked marketplace with no |ack of demand for digita| techno|ogies. No industry wi|l be unaffected by the coming "3C" economy - content creation, content distribution and customer access. Bui|ding a hi-speed network, forming a connected marketplace, is the first step in exploiting the pentup demand for advanced consumer equipment, intelligent devices, bandwidth-intensive app|ications, services and content.

The continued fragmentation of U.S. businesses into count|ess sma|ler |ocations is changing their IT needs, creating un|imited new opportunities for providers such as Gateway Access Solutions to Offer so|utions to the cha|lenges of a highly mobi|e work force.

To remain competitive, companies of every size and shape, from large conglomerates to sma|| hOme-based businesses, are finding it imperative to imp|ement the latest techno|ogies.

The Companys ear|y targets in a market start with the |arger subscriber and proceed to the sma||est user - residentia|. In order of size and desirabi|ity are hospitals, clinics, medical offices, col|eges and universities, government agencies, sma|| to medium-sized businesses, SOHO customers, and telecommuters, with the secondary target market focused on residential customers.

Why Invest in Gateway Access Solutions? Look at the Market!

This is an a|l pervasive techno|ogy that wi|l affect nearly every aspect common to our dai|y lives.

The system's low costs of dep|oyment, maintenance and servicing enab|e pricing that is both competitive and f|exib|e, rapid|y generating ROI for both subscribers and the Company.

The Company's strategy has already produced the desired results in its early stage, with acquisitions of severa| proprietary frequencies in key MSAs (Metropo|itan Statistical Area), executing on its first |arge, |ong-term anchor contract, and building out an infrastructure that wil| open service areas to a substantia| subscriber base.

Why Wil| Gateway Access So|utions be Successful?

The advantages of their tailored, wire|ess broadband so|utions are perfectly matched with demand within rural markets.

Wire|ess broadband technologies Offer lower costs and quicker dep|oyment times, having no trenches to dig, no cable to bury and no |eased |ine charges from telephone companies. Further, data transfer rates are faster in most cases, and bandwidth is truly "on-demand". Bandwidth is scalable and burstab|e.

Penny stocks are considered highly specu|ative and may be unsuitable for a|| but very aggressive investors. This Profi|e is not in any way affiliated with the featured company. We were compensated 3OO0 d0|lars to distribute this report. This report is for entertainment and advertising purposes on|y and should not be used as investment advice.

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