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Re: 10g Clusterware (Oracle CRS) documentation ?

From: mhthomas <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 19:33:54 -0400
Message-ID: <>



On Apr 6, 2005 7:02 PM, Christo Kutrovsky <> wrote:
> Thanks Dimitar !
> I've seen that note. It does give some enlight as to what each deamon
> does, but it doesnt tell you what the crs_profile, crs_getenv and etc
> commands do.
> And that's what I am looking for.

Hey, I've never seen those yet. If you find out can you let us know?

That note, 259301.1, is printed at my desk and I reference it daily, if not hourly. But, I've also found key info /scattered/ around Metalink, and the rest of the world, on 10g three key topics: crs, asm and rac. In some cases, its impossible to get around those three.

One 'hidden' RAC example is this note, 224266.1, How to Change the DBID and the DBNAME by using NID. I quote, "In the case of an Oracle Real Application Clusters database, the database must be mounted in NOPARALLEL mode. i.e set the init parameter CLUSTER_DATABASE=FALSE and then mount the database". Considering its mandatory step, I would think I could find it in the docs. Maybe I don't know how to search the correct terms in adobe reader, or its not in the docs?

If I had to guess, I'd think crs is not documented because its beta-ware or going to be replaced the new-crs in the future. I have never seen 10gR2, and I'm likely wrong, but I wonder why so much 'required info' is left out of the 10g docs and in many cases not even available on Metalink.

Good luck with crs_profile, and crs_getenv. And, from what I have learned, good luck with H3/H1 timeout errors. ;-) Trial and error taught me run /etc/init.d/ stop and reboot my linux. If that does not work, maybe risk to startup crs services. Also, I have documented cases where crs_stat shows 100% available, but the instance is off line. Confirmed it with host access and sqlplus / as sysdba. Therefore, I have 'issues' with crs that cause be to evaluate it as beta-ware.


Mike Thomas

Received on Wed Apr 06 2005 - 19:37:45 CDT

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