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Re: Strange Problem

From: Arghadeep Chatterjee <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 11:17:09 +0530
Message-ID: <000001c413c4$dbb05260$>

Hi DAniel,
The problem got solved yesterday It seems this Developers forgot to do the null check for a update clause it was a logical data error.It took me 4 hrs to track it down but I was well repayed coz I had the chance f taking the hides of this cats. Thanks

  As it was a 3rd party product, they ended up sending a patch for the application that solved the problem. I think it was a combination of the fix to the memory corruption and additional exception handling.

  The best way for you to address it is to always handle errors in pl/sql and never let 'when others' cause a commit.


  Arghadeep Chatterjee wrote:

     Hi Daniel,DO you remember how you solved it?Deep 
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      From: Daniel Fink
      Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 2:38 AM
      Subject: Re: Strange Problem
      I can't comment on specifics, but it reminds me of a similar situation. Periodically, a 3rd party app would 'lose inserts'. Turns out that the application was not handling errors, so would insert record 1 into table 1 then insert record 2 into table 2 (but this insert would result in an error that was not handled by the application) and a commit was issued. So the first insert was committed and the second was 'lost'. 

      Turns out a memory corruption was causing the application to send bad data, Oracle would reject it. 

      Good luck. 


      Arghadeep Chatterjee wrote: 

           Hi All,I am facing a strange problem the details of which is given belowHp-UX 11.11,Oracle arnd 213Mem 4GBProc 2Type of application Custom ERP using Oracle Forms and Reports 6iNow the problemfrom one of the forms an Oracle DB procedure is called say xthis procedure creates a curson say ynow it goes on updating three tables say row 1,2,3 .The strange thing iswhile working at some times this application inserts the three rows for thesay first table and compleletely misses to update the same value to anothertable say row 2 and 3 while it updates row 1.I am unable to find a logical reason forthis as commit is issued at the end of the procedure and at certain times it justworks as it is intended to work.Any pointers anyone.ThanksDeep

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