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RE: 10g on Win32

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 09:25:15 +0000
Message-Id: <>

> Just wondering what others experiences are installing this version.
> Did you perhaps find that there is no new version of the Oracle Home
> Selector?

Up to a point Lord Copper. There is indeed no new version of the Oracle Home Selector -per se. However if you fire up the Universal Installer then chose installed products there is a new tab ENVIRONMENT which recognises at least 817,901,9.2 and 10.1homes and allows you to set the path correctly, there is now a concepts guide for the installer (I offer no comment on installers that need concepts guides) which refers to this screen as the Oracle Home Selector.

> And that even if you hack the registry so that the old OHS
> can find the
> new
> Oracle 10g registry entries, it still does not set the PATH correctly?
> There are at least 2 OH path entries now for 10g. The
> standard OH/bin and
> now the OH/jre/bin. OHS does not correctly alter the PATH by
> moving both
> entries to the front of the list.

Yes. There is an interesting disparity between the concepts guide and the actual install, I don't know whether this counts as a documentation bug or an install bug or a cocked up install on my part. The concepts guide states that

Together with the installation and registration of the software in the registry, a second series of registry variables are written in the following key:

This is the starting point for the list of all $ORACLE_HOME installations, done on this system.

The following variables are written in this key:

HOME_COUNTER: Number of Oracle home directories already present on the system. This counter is a number, exactly 1 higher as the last ID subkey present.

LAST_HOME: ID number of the currently active $ORACLE_HOME

IDx: List of registry key's containing the name, number and installation directory of this ORACLE_HOME. The first installation is written in ID0, the next one in ID1, etc.

If the Home Selector is started in interactive mode, the registry hive "ALL_HOMES" is read, including all subkeys, and a dialog box will be displayed with all available installations. As soon as the you select one, the PATH variable will be adjusted at the system level. </quote>

This is apparently untrue for the 10.1 product and my guess would be that this is a doc bug in that the docs haven't been updated. In fact 10.1 doesn't get put in this registry key at all and instead of the HOMEn key you get KEY_<OracleHomeName>. Curiously therefore my system is setup with the ORACLE_HOME environment variable apparently set to Ora92 which is my 9.2 home but everything working more or less as advertised.

> I say 'at least two' because during installation it occurred
> that the PATH
> on
> my laptop would exceed 1023 characters and I chose to ignore
> the error.
> Perhaps a re-install would fix this.
> sigh... silly me. I thought the days of worrying about PATH
> size were
> over.

I sort of take your point - the Oracle entries alone in my PATH account for 550 characters, however this is a play system, there would be bigger issues on a production system that had 4 different database versions and the companion disk installed!

I'm hesitant to offer the notes below since they are based on approximately 4 hours playing with the product and are in no organised order but they may or may not help folk

10g Thoughts and Notes

  1. DBConsole - a lot of this is unlicensed except with ee
  2. DBCONsole credentials DBConsole web page asks for os and db credentials for operations such as starting and stopping the database. The os credentials supplied need to be for an account with the 'LOGON AS BATCH JOB' privilege, if you specify a different account the OS error that occurs is

"Logon Failure:

 	Reason:	The user has not been granted the requested
 		logon type at this machine"

But the website returns

"Connection to host <hostname> as user <username> failed: ERROR: Wrong password for user"

3.	OEM etc URLs are found at %ORACLE_HOME%/install/portmap.ini
4.	Oracle Home selector has been moved to the oui
5.	oui has been moved to the 10g oracle home group
6.	Make sure there is a hosts entry for your machine name and it comes before the entry for localhost - otherwise various OEM things might not work if not connected to the network

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA
Audit Commission
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