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RE: Unix script to check database status

From: Branimir Petrovic <>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 16:55:29 -0500
Message-ID: <33678E78A2DD4D418396703A750048D45E6AF4@RIKER>

> Well, that may be true. Do you python heretics have anything
> like CPAN?
> (CPAN = Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a huuuuge library
> of various, very
> useful modules?) Does python interpreter contain a little
> report-writer?
> How able is python's regular expressions parser and can it do
> everything that
> perl can? I'm asking because I want to learn python as it is
> frequently used
> to create nice GUI interfaces. Most of Red Hat "wizards" are
> python envelopes
> of shell commands. I've also heard that it is much simpler to
> learn then perl.
> Ite missa est, perl is the best.

Not denying it, especially if Perl's know-how is given and Python's is not. For somebody proficient in Perl, only thing that Python buys is clean syntax and better readability which by itself may not be worth trouble. On the other hand if by chance you often find yourself in situation that "small and simple" script somehow grows and becomes complicated, nightmarish to maintain beast/application, to which you eventually want bolt on fitting GUI, in that case learning and switching to Python does make sense.

CPAN is Perl's strong point, and quite frankly I never needed built in report-writer (fancy-printing in Python is easy enough), and as for regular expressions - Perl has more fancy stuff, but... I personally do regexps only if I can not avoid them, so I would not say I miss much of Perl only "high end" regexp features in Python.

In short - if DBA do not already have cross platform scripting tool of choice and shell scripting ain't gonna cut it - closer look or considering Python is good idea, it is as good with Oracle as Perl is, only cleaner, therefore (somewhat) easier to learn and master.


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