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Re: Oracle 911 Article - An apology to DBAZine

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 08:38:20 -0000
Message-ID: <038401c40356$61254600$7002a8c0@Primary>

I have had an email message from Don Burleson regarding comments I have made about his article
"Oracle 911 - Emergency Oracle Support"

In particular he raised the following two sentences as examples of comments that could hurt the reputation of DBAZine:

"Bizarre though it may seem to you, I think this is probably the best
article that Don has ever written."

"I didn't say I liked it, I said it was probably the best he'd written."

Having read his complaint, I have to say the term "bizarre" is devoid of all technical content, and carries an emotional loading that could may affect the reader to an
unreasonable degree. It was not an appropriate word for a detached reviewer to use, and I apologise for using it.

The second sentence is a statement of fact, clearing up a misunderstanding by a previous poster. However I recognise that the medium of the internet does require an extreme attention to detail of wording, and it is easy to read into a sentence more than the author was trying to say. I am sorry that this sentence caused Don some concern.

As a closing note, Don pointed out in the same email that he has often been tempted to criticize my articles, but has refrained from doing so. I have informed him that he (as with anyone else on the internet) is free to criticize, and I am quite happy to learn from my critics.

In fact, in the absence of a structured and rapid feedback mechanism on the DBAZine site, the Oracle-L list seems to be an ideal forum for criticism. So if any of you want to criticize the stuff I have written, please do. I can't guarantee to respond to every criticism, but it may lead to new ideas and interesting discussions.


Jonathan Lewis

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