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Re: run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer

From: Michael Thomas <>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 19:20:01 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

I have an MSDN subscription (paid about $1400USD before DVD rebate this year) and got this program a couple weeks ago with the DVD distribution.

By now, I have these virual PC's setup:
Windows NT4 SP3 with Oracle Server Windows 2000 SP6 with Oracle Server Windows XP Professional SP1a with Oracle Server
Fedora 1.3 with Oracle Server 10g

I use an Oracle 8.1.7 client SQL*Plus to query all four databases running simultaneously on a single PC with fast CPU and 3G RAM. Cool. Hehehe. ;-)

The only error I've seen so far was something like 'hard drive not found'. I adjusted the power cable on my SATA HD yesterday and the system has been working great since. No more crashes, so far. Its funny because a host PC system crash (BSOD) did not damage any of the virtual PCs. When I restarted the host PC and Virtual PC console, the previously running and crashed VMs automatically restarted (all of them), rebooted and did the windows disk repair thing we all know and love.

The main thing I "don't" like about Virual PC 2004: 1) Unlike VMware the virual hard drives get compressed into _one_ large file each (up to 16gb in size). If you don't like this you have to live with up to four x 4G HD so you can do backup on DVD-RW.
2) The host PC does not display the running VMs in task manager (now that is a M$ trick), but the host does show the overall RAM usage in the task manager graphic.
3) The working VM has priority over the background VMs but that is configurable in Virtual PC.
4) Absolutely no version of RedHat LINUX works on Virtual PC except Fedora 1.3. I tried 'all' of them from v3 enterprise back to 7.x, except v2.1 enterprise so v2.1 enterprise might work. Some of them installed and appeared to work until they actually failed on final boot. I did not try any non-RedHat, but that may burn someone else's time than me, thank you. Just a warning.
5) MS is developing an Virtual Server 2004 in beta now. Of course there is no concept of 'support' for any LINUX on Virtual XYZ 20xx from Microsoft.

Good luck.


Mike Thomas

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