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Re: stats on tables - analyze for all indexed columns

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 21:03:09 -0000
Message-ID: <009401c4022c$1b7fe680$7002a8c0@Primary>

The analyze command comes in many flavours, for example.

    analyze table X compute statistics;

    analyze table X compute statistics for table;     analyze table X compute statistics for table for indexes;     analyze table X compute statistics for table for indexes for indexed columns;

As soon as you go past the first basic syntax, (which internally is equivalent to 'for table for indexes') you have to be precise about what you want analyzed.

It's always a problem when you have to bite the bullet and change something that doesn't appear to need fixing. You might like to consider the fact that analyze is deprecated, and use a future move to 9i as the excuse for migrating to dbms_stats and getting the correct statistics.

The only other point to consider is that 'for all indexed columns' is often creating some histograms that are not needed, and not creating some that could be useful.

But again, if it seems to work well enough, and you've got a window that lets you generate the histograms, why change ? (It might reduce the chances of a future catastrophic performance hit, but that's usually too much of a hypothetical for most people to lose sleep over).


Jonathan Lewis

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Looking for some advice on gathering stats on my tables.

I analyze estimate statistics on most tables and analyze table for all indexed columns on a few others (also known as Histograms). I then have a job that goes through and copies num_rows, blocks, etc and stores this in another table. I'm sure most shops have similar jobs set up like this.

I have noticed that when doing the histograms, no data is gathered at the table level, only at the index level. I am reluctant to also include the table, as things are running great right now. Any ideas .... or any harm in gathering table stats AND histogram info.

We are using the CBO and running v on HP-UX.

TIA. John

John Fedock
"K" Line America, Inc.

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