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Re: PLEASE READ Re: The weekly quote, Sorry, but I don't understand

From: Juan Cachito Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 14:41:54 -0400
Message-ID: <001901c40218$5f3f9690$>

Hi Tim, thanks
Sorry If you misunerstandme, but I think in this way

I really really really really really really really really really don't understand a simple suggestion can cause as much problem.

What I told in other words is
"Why don't try to enrich the list trying (if possible and if you want and if you can) with a periodicall
This is like a question, something interesting to share, something to talk about.
instead only doing question, what is the usual in the list, if we have something interesting to share, we can do." Is true several of us had done this, the point, is to try to do it more frequently. I say "why
not to try to take an additional effort, if we have something interesting, and share it
with all of us"
I think if we take an additoinal effort (not forced, only if you want) to enrich the list.
To say "Why not instead of doing only question, to propose some topics (one had investigated and implemented previously) and put thenmin the forum, so other member could read and talk about that.

There is not new operation, all is exactly as it was before.

Sorry if you understand this in other way, as if I would like to try to rule, or impose something,
but I'm not doing that.
I have several things I do, I can share, and I woulike other do this.

And if I oculd say in one word the idea was "why not to share personal experience", thing had been
done in this and all lists around this world. but "trying to do more frequently".

I agree with Jared when he says


You have apparently not been here long.

This list has worked in that manner for several years.

If you want to post new insight on a regular basis, go ahead.

Personally, I post something new and interesting only when I actually have to time to write up something coherent and useful, otherwise I won't bother.

Oh, and when I don't feel too stupid for not already knowing it. ;)

Let's kill this thread.


Sorry again if I'm misundertood, but idon't want to change anything. Maybe if you there is as much problems with a simple suggestion, you can ignore, and every thing is as before
but the idea is to "try to post something from our experience weekly" as it had been done before.
All in the same way it was before, no change.

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