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Re: PLEASE READ Re: The weekly quote "obligatory" Why you are afraid

From: Bricklen Anderson <>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 07:53:51 -0800
Message-ID: <>

After reading through this thread, I still fail to see the point of it. If you have run some tests and discovered something _new_ or interesting, then by all means post it. I've never come across any posts that insinuated the opposite.

Why then should anyone feel "obligated" to post anything? Also, why do you use the word "afraid" in your subject line? Seems a bit extreme to me.

How about this
If you have discovered something of _technical_ relevance to this Oracle list, then share it. Others I'm sure will continue to follow suit. Rather than a long pointless debate about this thread, lead by example.

Just my two cents.


Juan Cachito Reyes Pacheco wrote:

> I agree don't generate junk emails, if you don't have nothing interesting to
> post, don't post, this is obvious.
> I understand there are long periodos dbas are more working that
> investigating, but when you investigate something interesting and can post
> something interesting.
> I don't understand you doubt "maybe some one can start to post junk." in
> theory every member in this list has some important knowledge and common
> sense to understand what is something interesting and what is not.
> And if he don't understand some one of us can tell it to him.
> At last, if this is not a good idea, OBVIOUSLY we can AND WE ARE GOING TO go
> back and stop this idea.
> But what can you say this will be junk mail before looking what every one of
> us can post, no body is going to post new inventions, only conclusion about
> interesting invetigations.
> But your resistance to change or to try new ideas is impressive and based on
> this comments and previous comments I read before in this list this seems
> There a few of you who have serious doubts about others members of this
> list, because you talk in that way.

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