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database layout question

From: Ron Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 09:57:35 -0500
Message-Id: <>

 I am privileged today and will be receiving a new server to replace the old production server. I do not have a choice on the disk environment provided. I only have a recommendation on the OS and I recommended that we use RedHat AS.
The server will have a tape autoloader connected for tape archival of the daily database backups.
The server will have 4 sets of mirrored drives in the following configuration;

2 - 18 GIG internal 15K rpm
2 - 72 GIG internal 10K rpm
2 - 144 GIG internal 10K rpm
2 - 144 GIG SAN 10K rpm

currently the database creates about
  100 Meg of archivelog data each morning with the daily data load  loads approx 200,000 rows of data each morning  has 4 GIG temp space assigned
 has 4 GIG redo space assigned
 has 45 GIG data space assigned
 has 45 GIG index space assigned
The server is basically a warehouse but has 6 applications that are OLTP generating a small amount of activity.  The database uses LMT with autoextend for the data and index files.  My question is.. with the listed configuration where would you suggest I install the Oracle and the datafiles?
I think that ;
 OS should reside on the 18 GIG drive
Oracle binaries, redo, system, temp reside on the 72 GIG drives data and index reside on the internal 144 GIG drives archivelogs and the backups reside on the 144 GIG SAN drives.  would perform best as the Oracle will not need to use the SAN for it's daily activities and this is an ENTRY level SAN not an ENTERPRISE SAN

 I woud like to use Oacle 10g if I can get it loaded and familiar with it on my play box, otherwise I will use

Any suggestions appreciated

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