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Re: Oracle database version history

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 22:23:52 -0700
Message-ID: <>

How the heck did Tanel manage to learn so much after being born in 1978? Because he didn't have to listen to disco... :-)

on 1/29/04 7:19 PM, Mladen Gogala at wrote:

>> Oracle 5 - 1986
>>  - Client Server
>>  - Cluster support (VAX)
> Nope. Cluster  wasn't supported with V5. Cluster support
> came with  Oracle 6.2. That was the first OPS version and
> was VAX/VMS-only.

[TG]: Mladen, sorry to contradict, but Tanel is correct. V5 had the first clustered database on VAX/VMS. Wasn't pretty, but it had a pulse...

V6.2 was indeed the first version of the Parallel Server product, available originally on VAX/VMS and later on NCR Unix. Had a financial services company here in Denver using V6.2 OPS on NCR (crazy bahstahds). Naturally, I wanted to hire the DBA out of sheer admiration...

>> Oracle 6 -1989
>>  - Online backup & recovery
>>  - Row level locking, stored PL/SQL
> Nope. PL/SQL  wasn't stored in V6, it was executed in SQL*Forms30,
> if anyone still remembers the good, old INP files instead of the
> stupid *.FMB stuff.

[TG]: Sorry to contradict both of you, but the PL/SQL that was available in the database server was not stored, and it wasn't only available in SQL*Forms. It was available in the database server as "anonymous" blocks (i.e. starting with BEGIN or DECLARE keywords) in v6. In v7 came packages, procedures, and functions; in v6, you created big ol' SQL*Plus scripts to run them the "anonymous" blocks.

Mladen is correct that procedures in PL/SQL were available in SQL*Forms v3.0 and SQL*ReportWriter v1.x also, on the client side...

>>  - Parallel Server
>> The rest you know ;)

Well, for those who don't know, here are some more milestones...

More for Oracle6 (1989):

v7.0 (1992):

v7.1 (1994):

V7.2 (1995):

v7.3 (1996):

v8.0 (1997):

v8.1 (1999): name a few...

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