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RE: [oracle-l] A few rman questions

From: Ruth Gramolini <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 08:14:49 -0500
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Robert Freeman has written a great rman book but I think the best place to start is with the Backup and Recovery Manual which is part of the Oracle documentation. In order to do point in time or complete recovery you need to have rman backups and controlfile backups. You can set up you rman configuration files to to autocontrolfile backups at the end of every backup and this will make a copy of your controlifle to a place you specify as the last step as well as the normal backup of the controlfile which is contained in a level 0 rman backup. With this feature, the controlfile which has the necessary info can be restored. Have a look at rman configurations in the docs.

Good luck,

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  I'm in the process of revamping our backup system (which is   mostly inherited from another DBA), and had a few questions about   rman I've come across as I review the system.

  1. 'copy' vs. 'backup'. In our current setup, we use the 'backup' rman command to handle the datafiles, and the archive logs, but 'copy' is used to backup the controlfile. The Oracle documentation says this:

  "In many cases, copying datafiles is more beneficial than backing   them up, since the output is suitable for use without any   additional processing. In contrast, you must process a backup set   with a restore command before it is usable. So, you can perform   media recovery on a datafile copy, but not directly on a backup   set, even if it backs up only one datafile and contains a single   backup piece."

  So am I better off just leaving the controlfiles (since they're   small) handled by 'copy' instead of 'backup'? Is having to   process a backup set containing one controlfile with a 'restore'   command that much of an issue? Maybe making a backup set of a   single controlfile is overkill?

  2) Are there any "Best practices" documents with respect to rman   that list members would recommend?

  Thanks again for your helpful comments,

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