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Re: Re[2]: Oracle vs Mysql

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 06:39:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On 01/20/2004 08:04:33 AM, "Thater, William" wrote:
> Mladen Gogala scribbled on the wall in glitter crayon:

> oh damn, have we been at this too long?;-)

Yes, we probably have. I must say that the spirit of Oracle Corp. has changed significantly since the days of Geoff Squire, Chris Ellis, Richard Barker and the gang. Those guys used to understand techies and were extremely helpful. The company was more open and didn't hide the database entrails so thoroughly as today. I was routinely able to get betas (like 7.0.12 or 8.0.3, which was, by the way, the very last beta I've ever received), to test them out, to learn them and to use them. The understanding was mutual: I was given early access, and, in return, I was pushing oracle everywhere I worked. Now, the whole thing is more MS like, more "corporate". It may be good for stock owners, but that is not the company I grew accustomed to. This one doesn't inspire much loyalty or devotion. I'm actively looking for a change. So far, the most serious candidate is PostgresSQL, with the database formerly known as DB2 close second. I must say that I really, really like today's IBM. It ceased being an "Infernal Bloody Monopolly" and is now a company that I'm rather intrigued by. Oracle, on the other hand, is just another corporate giant trying to shove ever more defective products down my throat for more and more bucks and following the suit in the fine art of outsourcing. I believe that Orcle DBA has reached the end of the line, both perspective-wise and technology-wise. I'm planning to stay on this list for another year and then, I'm gone.

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Author: Mladen Gogala

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