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RE: Veritas Backup Question

From: Odland, Brad <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 08:29:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

You should get nightly cold backups working first as it is the easiest. Then look into setting the database to do archive logging.
Right  now you don't have any valid backups and if you crash and your DB fails to start you are potentially screwed.
Also you should do a full database export RIGHT AWAY, right NOW!! So at least you can save your data.
use the exp command at the command prompt.  Run exp login as a dba follow the prompts and do an entire database export.
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From: Teresita Castro []
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 8:15 PM
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Subject: Veritas Backup Question

My name is Tere Castro I am from Mexico I am not a DBA, I uses ORacle just to make queries, funtions some updates and create indexes or tables, that all.
Now I am in a little difficult situation, here we have a DBA that do not have much experience. He has been working with Veritas NetBackup  4.5 for Windows  for three moths with out results. We still can not make a backup of our data bases.
The situation is that because of that my boss make me work with him in this task, of course I don't know anything about the issue and my priority for tomorrow is to make and investigation of how other people make their backups with Veritas.
Our DBA explain us that it was a way that he saw in a book, first make a complete backup of our databases on Sunday then from Monday thru Wednesday made a incremental backup, then from Thursday thru Saturday make another incremental backup, but this one will be done from the last incremental backup of Wednesday to the day we are.
                               Complete backup
1  2   3    4    5    6    7
7- Sunday
I am really lost in this task because the person that is suppose to teach about Veritas is really reluctant , but my boss what results.
If any one can help me telling was is the better way to do a backup using Veritas that will be great. I also need to learn Veritas so if you have any page or document that can help I will appreciate it.
We really need to make this work because in the last weeks we are having troubles with our server, with out explication it gets crushes.
I am using Oracle  in a Windows Server with Windows 2000 SP3
And the veritas is VERITAS NetBackup 4.5 for Windows in  a Windows Server with Windows 2000 SP4

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