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RE: Backups in a DW Environment

From: mkb <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 16:19:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Let's assume RMAN is not an option since we don't have a license or busget to use a third party backup tool like Legato or Veritas with RMAN (used in a previous life with Legato NetWorker. Loved it!!)

So now I'm left with archive log mode. Archive logs backed up nightly and a full backup once a week. I have to set aside at least as much disk space for the data files as the size of the physical db which will later be copied to tape. Plus, I also need disk space for my BCVs'. I can't have both (budgetry constraints). I'm leaning towards BCV's. Wouldn't it be just as quick to restore the entire BCV as to do an Oracle recovery from tape?

Also Gene, you mention that while loading data, you turn off archiving. So if you lost that dbf during a load, how would you recover the db? Restore the dbf, apply the logs and restart the load, right?

In the same scenario in my environment I'd just restore the entire BCV set and re-start the load. Not an expert on EMC's BCV technology but my sysadmin says it can be done and yes, I'll test before I sign off on it.

True, I'd be nice to have archive logging aswell. But is it a necassity or have we all been programmed into believing that "ALL PRODUCTION DATABASES MUST BE IN ARCHIVE LOG REGARDLESS". Should we not be progressing beyond this like we did with hit ratios and one large extents etc...?

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