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Re: Books on rac

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Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 15:09:34 -0800
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This kind of post does not belong on this list.

The quote from a private email exhibits some rather bad judgement IMO,
even if it was anonymously attributed.


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 01/09/2004 02:54 PM
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OK, that statement wasn't fair. I have not looked at Arup's book. I have no interest in HIPAA. So I shouldn't speak on it. These are the Rampant books I have skimmed through that I do not like. However, I have skimmed through several. All the one's I have looked at appear to have been rushed out. Weak editing. Much of it is practically copy and pasted from the docs or copy and pasted from other books written by the authors.
Sorry Arup. I shouldn't have made a statement quite that strong. If you plan on writing a quality book, why would you go with this publisher anyway? The low quality of other books from the press make many people unlikely to buy your book.
I recently got an email from a Rampant author who said the following(this person will remain nameless)
Don't back down... I feel the same way.  I love to write, and it was between other writing Gigs when Don asked if I would write it... so I agreed.  They do boiler plate (at least the ENTIRE interview series is Boiler plate), and they do it VERY badly... He swore at me more times than I can count because I cared about my writing and he cared about getting the books out as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  I THOUGHT that since Mike Ault and a few others wrote for him, that he was more reputable...
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From: Arup Nanda
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Subject: Re: Books on rac

"all the other non-Ault books from Rampant are total trash."
That's a pretty strong statement, Ryan! Mine is a non-Ault Rampant book; does it count, too? Before you trash the book and commit the statement, can I interest you in at least taking a look at it?
Six months of hard work gotta deserve something better than the recyclebin, I sincerely hope.
Arup Nanda

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