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db security, managed from application forms

From: rahul <>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 06:59:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

List, after reading so much about managing the srcurity from the db users, roles and privileges, i have finally decided to do the same. I have figured out most of the things...

  1. i have made a form interface to create role and grant privileges to roles. all the data goes to app tables, and then DB roles are created and grants given which matches the data entered. I have a routine which "syncs" the role/privs in the app tables to the db roles and privs.
  2. another form provides interface to create users and grant roles to users.
  3. then i have a MMB menu attached to a form which is executed.

the user will login, and will be displayed a menu based on the role given to the user. this is where i'm not sure how would i handle it, something like... on-new-form-instance i would check the role name from the session_roles, and would have a table which would tell me which menu option has to be enabled with this role..... am i going the right way ??

the forms will be run on the web, so i guess i cannot store them in the db, and cant use the menu roles facility.

i have done a lot of work on this.. but cant figure out the role and form module to run...i dont want to go back to one app user accessing the db, and application managed seurity

would appreciate any help.



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Author: rahul

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