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RE: How to log into a 9.2.0 database that has a hung archive

From: Jamadagni, Rajendra <Rajendra.Jamadagni_at_ESPN.COM>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 06:31:05 -0800
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Why would you want to stop the archiver to gzip and move old archive files? You could write a script that will select from v$log_history view and the output can be fed to your gzip_and_move procedure.  

We do it all the time, our process wakes up every 2 or 4 hours (based on the time of the day) and does the job, for 6 production databases 24x7.  

I believe your problem might go away if you _stop_ the process that stops and starts the archiver.  


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not exactly.  

we have a process here that runs every 15 minutes or so, turns archiving off on each system, compress/moves the archive logs, then turns archiving back on  

On this system, the archive enable seems to fail. and the database hung because it couldn't automatically archive the logs.  

if this happens on an 8x or 7x system, I would just svrmgrl -- connect internal -- archive logs all -- (to free the logs) -- then reenable ayto archiving  

but on this 9.2 system, svrmgrl does not work and neither does connecting as '/ as sysdba', or 'sys as sysdba', or 'system as sysdba'  

what is the correct method to connect into the system when it is hung for some reason?  


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