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Re: How to keep "root" out?

From: Jonathan Gennick <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 08:49:28 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Thursday, August 28, 2003, 11:34:27 AM, Walter wrote:

WK> We have a couple people in our Unix admin group that feel the need to "help" by
WK> writing their own DB monitoring scripts. Of course, they don't know what they're
WK> talking about.

Why, the dasterdly do-gooders! How dare they!<grin>

You know, one approach, and some might see this as heretical, is to simply give them a "safer" login that lets them query the V$ views. I'd probably let a sys admin look at those if he/she really wanted to, though I've been fortunate to always work with admins I trust not to go off the deep end and actually change anything without talking to me first.

I've given developers access to V$ views on development and test instances. That never caused me any problems or grief.

So you give your sys admins access, and you make it very clear that *you* are the DBA, and that if they find something significant, they should come to you about it; they should not make changes themselves. A good sys admin ought to understand that. After all, they are in much the same boat. They don't want you mucking about too much with the o/s.

I wouldn't try to fight this battle by attempting to lock them out of your database in a technical manner, such as via a password protection. After all, they are the sys admins, and they can pretty much do anything. I'd approach this as a management issue. It is a management issue. Go to your management and point out that *you* are the DBA, that *you* have bottom-line responsibility for the databases, and make a case that your sys admins are abusing their privileges, and thereby compromising your ability to maintain a stable database environment. A good manager will understand that.

But first I'd try to work with my sys admin in a more friendly manner. If he just wants to monitor, and is willing to commit to not making a *change*, then why not let him have at it? He might learn something about Oracle and become a useful ally. Or he might lose interest after awhile.

Best regards,

Jonathan Gennick --- Brighten the corner where you are * 906.387.1698 *

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