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Re: Re: OT - Linux books ??

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 05:59:33 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> how different is it to administer oracle on different flavors of unix? Im running into some annoying nuassances in
syntax between solaris korn shell and hp-unix korn shell.
> is it just little syntax differences or is there alot more to it?
> >

You sure it's HP korn-shell? The default shell looks like korn, but it isn't. Looks like bourne as well, but again: it isn't. It is indeed the Posix shell, which is about right between the other 2.

The only shell I've always found is reliable is the old bourne shell. Just about the same everywhere. Once again, the default HP one is NOT the bourne shell even though it is called "sh". Of course you lose the niceties of command history and such, but if you're writing admin scripts what the heck do you need history for?

Let's not touch the C-shell...

As for administration of Unix itself: yikes! Depends which was the original Unix flavour: AT&T System V or Berkeley BSD. SunOS was mostly BSD, Solaris got a lot of SystemV in it. HP was mostly BSD, but it got a lot of the SV stuff into it until HP decided to become Posix-compliant. Since then, it's been potluck.

This basically means that features will be very much the same in principle, but located in different directory structures, used with different utilities, and have slightly different parameters.

Welcome to the joys of Unix incompatibility with itself. No wonder people are going Linux.
Oh! Hang-on a tick...

Nuno Souto

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